About ITG

Who We Are

We are IT professionals and are certainly proud of our technical expertise. But what makes us unique as a technology company is that our solutions ultimately impact the care of patients. Although our skills are needed in a number of industries, we in ITG apply them specifically to the noble cause of healthcare.

That's why we say we are "Healthcare Inspired."

It's this guiding vision that pervades and positively influences every level of our organization. It shapes our mission, defines our values, and brings our leaders and employees together in a shared enthusiasm for their work, setting ITG apart as a uniquely purpose-driven company in the IT industry.

Think About It.

From system analysts to project managers to developers, each of us impacts patient care in our own way. That's what makes us Healthcare Inspired. Read through this page carefully and consider the ways your team connects to our mission to understand how your work improves the lives of our patients and practitioners.

Talk About It.

Use the Healthcare Inspired message board to browse and share stories that show how ITG employees are ultimately connected with care. Connect with ITG on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and use the #healthcareinspired hashtag to join the conversation about how our work in IT transcends technology.

Live It.

Carry the Healthcare Inspired mission into your work each day. Continue sharing your stories about how your work in ITG connects to our ultimate goal of improving lives. Remember that as a technology professional, you choose to apply your unique skills specifically to the noble cause of healthcare.

Because we are Healthcare Inspired, we will:

Be Innovative and Resourceful

Leveraging HCA's powerful influence, we will use our unique expertise to transform healthcare with original IT solutions.

Deliver on Our Commitments

Nothing is more urgent than advancing healthcare IT, so we must deliver the highest quality capabilities on time and within budget.

Eliminate Inefficiencies

Discovering ways to conserve time, save money, and streamline processes is essential for delivering quality care.

Protect Our Information

We must always safeguard our most precious asset, protecting the information of our patients, our people, and our business.

Listen, Learn, and Lead

To thrive as an organization, it is critical that we creatively collaborate with each other, constantly improve our own skills, and look to lead when necessary.