iMobile – Portable Clinical Collaboration

The Mobile Heartbeat app gives caregivers the ability to send secured text messages, initiate phone calls, view a list of hospital and provider contacts and send broadcasts to the patient care team.

The following features are accessible through Mobile Heartbeat:

  • Secure text messaging
  • Patient location and admission data
  • Full hospital directory
  • Patient lab integration
  • Care team broadcast messaging

Mobile Device Setup || Step-By-Step Guides

*iPhone users that have MH-CURE installed through the Container app click here

  1. Open the following URL in your phone browser:
  2. Log in with your HCA credentials
  3. Fill in Multi-Factor Authentication requirements
  4. Enter 2 Step Verification passcode
  5. Select “MH-CURE” from the Mobile Catalog
  6. Enter iTunes password to receive code
  7. Select MH-CURE app from device home screen
  8. Sign into MH-CURE using AD credentials
  1. Go to the Play Store, search for and install the Intelligent Hub app
  2. Open the Hub app and choose Server, enter the server below, then choose Next
  3. If you see a prompt to make and manage calls choose ALLOW
  4. In the Group ID spot type HCA, then choose Next
  5. Under Username enter your 3-4 ID and HCA password
  6. If this is your own device choose Employee Owned
    If this is a device from HCA choose Corporate Owned
  7. Choose ACCEPT on the Terms and Conditions page, click I UNDERSTAND after reviewing the Privacy Terms page, and then choose I AGREE on the Data Sharing Terms page
  8. The app will now prepare your profile. When it's finished you will be required to set a passcode (used to unlock your device) if you do not already have one set.
  9. Open the Hub app (or the Workspace app - Android OS 8.0 and below) on your device and choose App Catalog column, then search for MH-Cure to install it

Desktop Guide

iMobile – Desktop Full User Guide