PatientKeeper is HCA Healthcare’s electronic access point to view integrated patient information, clinical data and access multiple information systems through a single user-friendly intuitive interface. Through PatientKeeper you will have access to patient clinical information; including vitals, imaging reports, lab results, emergency department results and much more. The information you need is in one location, accessible through one simplified sign-on. You can access PatientKeeper securely through most internet connections, whether in the hospital, the office, from home, and on-the-go with registered mobile devices.

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PatientKeeper NoteWriter

PatientKeeper NoteWriter enables clinicians to create robust, complete documentation using mouse clicks, free text typing, and voice recognition. Notes are built using core templates that can be personalized through the use of user defined and institutionally defined common text phrases, known as Quick Text. Information from prior notes can be re-used through deliberate importation of historical documentation by section. As well, test results and snippets of text can be imported into the Data section of the notes by easy user selection during data review. NoteWriter utilizes a structured, coded ICD-10 compliant problem selector to build the Assessment and Plan section.

PatientKeeper Charge Capture

PatientKeeper® Charge Capture automates the professional billing process from within a physicians’ existing workflow. Accessible from computers and mobile devices, PatientKeeper eliminates manual, paper based charge processes with multiple hand-offs and points of failure.

Charge Capture for HCA Affiliated Physician Practices

PatientKeeper Sign-Out

PatientKeeper Sign-Out module facilitates healthcare provider communication during transitions of care. Sign-out allows providers to collaborate more efficiently across shifts. Providers can enter sign-out notes and outstanding tasks or “to-do” lists associated with patient care and not stored in the legal medical record. This information can be entered, for example, upon admission, during rounds, or after a patient encounter. Sign-Out gives providers flexibility to create informal notes or structured tasks to ensure that important elements of patient care are accounted for and completed.

Customizable Patient Lists

Did you know you can create personalized patient lists to meet your needs?

PatientKeeper Mobile Deficiency Completion

Providers can now access and sign/decline signature, missing text and missing document deficiencies from any location using the OneContent Mobile Deficiency app directly from the PatientKeeper app (available for iOS only)