The Healthstream Learning Center

The HealthStream Learning Center (HLC) is a Learning Management System (LMS) utilized by HCA to provide computer-based training and other educational materials to employees, contracted staff, affiliated Licensed Independent Practitioners (LIPs) and Advanced Practice Professionals (AAPs). Because of the differing relationships and requirements of employed vs non-employed providers, the HLC platform has been sub-divided to create the Physician Learning Center (PLC)– a separate database for managing the learning of non-employed (affiliated) providers. (Note: Employed provider accounts reside in the parent HLC database with other facility employees and contracted staff.)

Specific training may be required as part of credentialing or as a term of employment. The HLC/PLC will be used to assign and deliver that training, and to track completion. In addition, elective educational programs and materials are made available free of charge to employed providers (via the HLC) or at a cost to affiliated providers (via the PLC).

The HLC/PLC Learning Management System is used throughout HCA.

Basic application orientation is embedded in the user interface and can be accessed by clicking on the “Take a Tour” button at the top of the landing page. Additional support is available via the IT&S Service Desk.

This application can be accessed from both inside and outside the HCA network. Accounts are built automatically on hire/credentialing. Initial User ID and password are the provider’s 3-4 ID (for both) in upper-case. An individual provider may have only one account, in either the HLC or PLC (but not in both.) Because of this, the providers’ transcripts can follow them wherever they go, within HCA.

Access Healthstream Learning Center